Lions face extinction in our lifetime unless we act NOW
Lions face extinction in our lifetime unless we ACT NOW!
One United Roar for the Lions


A call to the World to Roar for Lions


London Design Festival, Trafalgar Square, 23 Sept 2018

Join the all-night vigil at Nelson’s column at 6pm.

Bring a candle. More details here…

Lion hearted youth leadership

Linda Tucker and Jerome Flynn [Game of Thrones] and Patron of the White Lion Trust

Today there are more lions in cages than in the wild: petted as cubs, then as adults shot as trophies or reduced to skeletons for the Asian bone-trade.

In 2016 CITES (Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species) legalised the captive breeding-to-kill industry. South Africa has authorised that 1,500 lions are doomed to be slaughtered in South Africa’s extermination camps.

Read more about it here

O.U.R. Campaign aims to have this industry shut down when CITES meets again in 2019.

O.U.R. Youth celebrates lions as a proud living heritage.

In the lead-up to the 2016 CITES Convention held in Johannesburg, South Africa:

9 million people reached, 5 continents, a pride of 6 youth winners
United with ONE purpose – to ROAR for Lions.


One United Roar for Lions
#OneUnitedRoar Ask The Lion
Humanity created the problem. United, we can solve it. Be informed. Be inspired. Act.

100% of donations go to The Global White Lion Protection Trust's efforts to protect White Lions as a
living heritage in the wild.

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