ACT now - enter the Talent Challenge to stop the hunting of Lions

Record your message on your smart phone, your iPad or your tablet, or haul your dad’s old video camera out of storage.

If you are a StarLion Cub (Under 15), or a LionHearted youth leader (16-21),

we want to hear you –

the lions want to hear you –

the lawmakers NEED to hear you.

O.U.R Talent Challenge will give ONE UNITED ROAR for Lions and Nature:

Let’s go viral!! 

All you have to do is ask the lions: what do you feel about being held in cages, having your cubs stolen, being handled and petted as babies for money – then shot as an adult?

Then ROAR your heart out. Whether in song, dance, poem or speech – make sure your unique LionHeart is heard.

1) Record your entry on video (no longer than 3 minutes)
3) Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or Vine
2) Fill in the online entry form on Facebook 
4) Share it with as many people as possible so your voice is heard.
5) Invite your friends to vote for you.
6) Download Rules of Entry form.
7) Download Permission Form, get it signed and email to
8) ENTRIES CLOSE: 21 September (sunset on World Peace Day)
9) Votes close: Midnight: 22 September 2016

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Humanity created the problem. United, we can solve it. Be informed. Be inspired. Act.

100% of donations go to The Global White Lion Protection Trust's efforts to protect White Lions as a
living heritage in the wild.

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