The old ways of indigenous peoples who revered Nature as a sacred heritage for which we are accountable to the Creator, have all but gone in the need and greed “consumer” model described in Part 1 of the story of CITES.
This is the wisdom we must return to for our way forward.

The indigenous elders have spoken, it’s time for the youth to Roar for Nature and be the change they want to see in positions of power, politics and policy.

One thing that the ancients and wisdom keepers of the past had that we have lost in our current paradigm is a deep connection to and appreciation of heart, Nature and all of Creation.

To change our world for the better, people need to reconnect with their hearts once again.

It’s as simple as that.

If you think it sounds naïve, think again.

In fact, stop thinking.

And start listening.

Listen to your heart. And the heartbeat of Nature.

What is Nature saying?

Viewed from Nature’s perspective, the heartless killing machine of which CITES and the IUCN are part is terrifying.

Nature is calling for policies that are loving and respectful, not brutal and exploitative.

This is the basis of One United Roar, a Talent Challenge which calls on the youth of the world to ROAR for the lions and all of Nature in a language that we hope – will reach the hearts of the policymakers and encourage a lasting change of attitude.

If our Roar for Nature can’t get through to their hearts, these policy makers need to be removed from their positions of power and a new structure built that is transparent, accountable and deeply vested in responsible governance.

One United Roar Talent Challenge is based on the African proverb which says: “Until the Lion learns to speak, the story will be told from the Hunter’s perspective.”

In our international conservation bodies, humans have always legislated on lions without thinking of the lion’s perspective. 

This must stop. 

We are inviting LionHearted youth around the globe to speak from the Lion’s perspective.

This is the key to restoring our sacred relationship with Nature.

The key to protecting endangered species, our species included.

Do we need proof?

Last year, an event happened in a remote part of Africa, that taught the world this lesson of the Heart.

Sadly, it took the sacrifice of CECIL, the Zimbabwean Lion to accomplish this.

His merciless slaying as a trophy by a Minnesota dentist activated the hearts of humanity worldwide. And by touching the hearts of millions, that single act led to a major shift in wildlife policy.

Due to vast public pressure, The CECIL Act was passed through the US Senate: Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act. This piece of  legislation amended the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to apply certain prohibitions on the importing or exporting not only of lions dead or alive, but also other species listed as threatened or endangered. It’s significant that the lions have helped to achieve greater protection for other species. As ancient indigenous elders understood, that is part of their majestic role for the planet.

After the Tsunami of outrage created by Cecil’s murder, finally…finally…global policy for lions and wildlife has started to shift. The US Fish and Wildlife Services are finally tightening up on regulations around importation of trophies; there is a motion to upgrade the protected status of lions (uplist them from CITES II to I) and restrict Canned Hunting practices.

But we need to keep focused and vigilant.

If we are not careful, the very same illogical logic we described in Part 1 of this story of CITES will creep into the decision making all over again, using profit as the argument instead of protection.

We’ve seen how Safari Club International and other profit-driven multi-nationals largely control these world conservation entities, as they have the deepest pockets. And already wheeling and dealing is taking place to navigate around the CECIL Bill as pro-trade and pro-hunting entities negotiate the “conservation value” of their trophies through US Ports.

It is a tragic reminder that the issue is only beginning to be addressed, This year, on 18 August, a 12 year old orphan called  Nkalamelo Latha was killed by lions in an enclosure on a captive breeding farm, where lions should never have been held in the first place. How he got mauled to death is still under investigation, but the point is wild predators are not meant to be kept in cages. How many more reminders like this will we need before we finally wake up and start treating Nature with the love and respect she demands – allowing the restoration of balance, health and prosperity of the entire living eco-system?

It was Einstein who reminded us that we cannot change a problem with the same mindset that created it in the first place. We have to shift this heartless paradigm.

Only through reconnecting with our hearts and then taking action can we shift into the new paradigm. From the insecure, exploitative, need-and-greed consumer model that is destroying our planet to confident, loving consciousness with deep reverence for life and Nature.

The Key is to reawaken our Hearts: That is the Quantum Shift that will change our world and lead us to the kind of clear, responsible, LionHearted action that will sustain the change.

The truth is, we cannot have peace on earth until we have made our peace with Nature.

This change of heart must be followed up with positive action – driven by a positive intention. This is a new level of sacred warriorship. Here in the heart of White Lion ancestral territories, we call it LionHearted Leadership™.  Collaboration, origination, co-creation and a bold fearless united purpose are our weapons of choice.

Join us on International Day of Peace, 21 September, as we set the intention for unity, harmony, and peace amongst all living things.

Join us on 24 September for the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions. Visit to find a city near you. We are demanding #Appendix1 and #NoTrade.

Join us TODAY in One United Roar: O.U.R Campaign for Lions and Nature.

ENTER the One United Roar Talent Challenge or VOTE for your favorite Entry. Entries close 21 September, voting ends 22 September. Six winners of a TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA to help save the White Lions will be announced on 24 September. – because balance MUST be restored between lions, land and people.



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