We were fortunate to have 4 amazing Judges for the One United Roar Competition:

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn, better known as Bronn in Game of Thrones.

Who knew that this rough, tough, revolutionary has a gentler side – a true love for nature, and a deep desire to see the White Lion firmly re-established in their natural habitat. Jerome is the patron of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Sheryl Leach

Sheryl Leach is a Hollywood director and creator of the beloved children’s character, Barney.

Apart from creating feature and TV productions, Sheryl’s other passion is encouraging understanding between differing cultures. Sheryl has been a major supporter of the Global White Lion Protection Trust for many years.

Sheryl Leach

Nthabiseng Tsoamotse is a Miss Earth South Africa Ambassador and Co CEO of the Innovative Youth Changemakers Parliament.

In her role as Youth Leader, Nthabiseng focuses on Environment and the Climate, working hard to educate children in schools all over South Africa about the importance of working with Nature and not against her. Nthabiseng was a 2016 recipient of a full scholarship to the White Lion Leadership Academy in the White Lion Heartlands.

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker is the CEO and founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust as well as the Linda Tucker Foundation.

Linda’s shamanic title is Keeper of the White Lions, and she has authored two books – Mystery of the White Lions in 2001 and Saving the White Lions in 2013. Her 3rd book, The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ is due for release.

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