The One United Roar Campaign is driven by the Linda Tucker Foundation, and partnered by Global White Lion Protection Trust, PAL (Protecting African Lions) and LionHearted partners worldwide.


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LionHearts Music Video

Historical build-up of a unified global campaign led by the Global White Lion Protection Trust and other LionHearted partners over 2 decades 1997-2016 (IN 5 MINS)

Protest, Prayer, Unity, Celebration!

Viewer discretion – this video shows a “Canned Lion Hunt” of a captive mother lioness shot with a high calibre-weapon in front of her young cubs (Cook Report 1997)

will change the laws that are killing our living wildlife legacy

Lead-up to CITES 2016

1980 - Lions trophy hunted


Lions (including the rare White Lions) are being trophy hunted for big money. They are also being stolen from the wild and put into zoos and circuses around the world, and worse: held in cages, and forced to breed cubs who will later be killed for money.

1991 - Linda Tucker unites


Linda Tucker unites with the Tsonga and Sepedi people to protect the White Lions in the land of their origins bordering the Kruger National Park

2002 GWLPT founded


Global White Lion Protection Trust is founded as a Non-Profit-Organisation to protect lions as a global heritage

2004 - White Lioness Marah rescued


Famous White Lioness Marah is rescued from a death camp and reintroduced to the wild by the Global White Lion Protection Trust

2007 - GWLPT presents to Parliament


Global White Lion Protection Trust presents to Parliament calling for the protection of South Africa’s lions by law.

2007 - Nelson Mandela unites


Nelson Mandela unites with us in supporting lions and animals as a constitutional right

2007 - White Lion Aslan rescued


Famous White Lion Aslan is advertised to be killed as a trophy for $160 000. Instead, he is air-lifted to safety out of the death camp by Global White Lion Protection Trust, and successfully reintroduced to the wild, where he raises a litter of cubs together with Marah’s lineage. He is renamed Mandla in honor of former President Nelson Mandela.

2009 - Canned Hunting industry


Lions, including the rare White Lions, are being bred in cages for the bullet. At least 160 of these commercial operations have been formed in one decade, now called the “Canned Hunting” industry, where lions are treated as commodities: bred-then-killed for blood money.

2009 - World Wilderness Congress


Mexico, World Wilderness Congress: delegates from 54 countries unite with us in passing a Resolution calling for the protection of White Lions as a global heritage

2010 - SA fails to prohibit


South Africa fails to prohibit Canned Lion Hunting by law.
Statistics show that dead lion exports have increased 300% in the last few years.
Legislation against the Canned Hunting industry is dropped by the Supreme Court of South Africa. It’s a free-for-all in the lion killing industry.

2010 - Soccer World Cub


Soccer World Cub.
Global White Lion Protection Trust asks AVAAZ to help create a petition to save lions.

2012 - Lion death camps


Still no protection for lions in South Africa’s death camps.

2013 - Linda Tucker presents at Westminster


Linda Tucker presents at Westminster, British Parliament, appealing for international support in shutting down the global Canned Hunting industry.

2014 - Global March for Lions


Global March for Lions: 62 Cities around the world take to the streets, demanding the protection of lions by international law.
The Sepedi and Tsonga nations joined the march in the heat and dust of White Lion territories.

2014 - AVAAZ joins the campaign


AVAAZ joins the campaign. Over 2 Million signatures are raised demanding that South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, shut down the death camps.

2015 - Blood Lions


“Blood Lions”, the documentary, exposes the horror of Canned Hunting – now a massive international killing industry. Lions and the rare White Lions are forced to have cubs that are hugged and petted for money by tourists, then shot as tamed animals by American and European hunters.

2015 - CECIL murdered


Cecil the Lion is hunted down in Zimbabwe by an American dentist and decapitated as a trophy. Global outcry leads international parliamentarians and congressman to promise legislation change.

2015 - Ethical Airlines


Many ethical airlines around the globe refuse to carry lion parts and other animals as cargo. Ethical courier companies and freighting companies unite behind the same cause.

2015 - World Lion Day


World Lion Day.
One United Roar is launched to celebrate our lions as a living heritage not a killing industry.

2016 - Tour Operators


Major tour operators in South Africa join together to stand up for lion rights. They refuse to take tourists to unethical breeding and petting programmes.

But the battle isn’t over.

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Composer and performer David Chabeaux; Film maker Daréll Lourens; Director Yolandi van Jaarsveldt; African vocalists Luyanda Gezile and South African cultural talents UK; Photographers Tom Stoddart, Karen Jane Dudley, Maurice Fernandez, Annabel Healy, Boaz Fyler; TV programs Cook Report and Carte Blanche – and all those LionHearted supporters who have united behind the cause over the past two decades.

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